The key members of Milestone Group management are the following:


Tirso D. Antiporda, Jr. – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Rosalina M. Bustamante   Chief Finance Officer

Adrian M. Antiporda   Chief Operating Officer

Realyza A. Tuazon   Head, Credit Department


Annette Emeline C. Gaerlan – Head, Accounting Department

Dante C. Navarro    Head, MPMC Sales Dept.

Armine Grace R. Regala    Head, Order Fulfillment Dept.

The Milestone Group's top management has a sterling track record in business. Its Chairman and CEO, Mr. Tirso D. Antiporda, Jr. has had a long successful career in banking as well as the commercial-industrial sector. His past experiences in banking included being President and Chief Executive Officer of a commercial bank from 1983 to 1993; and being Chairman and CEO of a major universal bank from 1993 to 1998.  He was also Chairman and CEO of a major insurance company from 1993 to 1998.

In the commercial-industrial sector, his record included a stint as President and CEO of a business conglomerate engaged in telecommunications, shipping, airport services, air freight and travel. He was also formerly President and CEO of the country’s largest oleo-chemical firm. 

In addition to his current role as CEO of the Milestone Group, Mr. Antiporda is also the President of Textron Corporation, a telecommunications company specializing in providing wireless broadband services to the corporate sector.

The Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Rosalina M. Bustamante has been the key finance and administration executive of the Group since its inception. Like Mr. Antiporda, she has had a long track record in the banking and commercial sectors. As CFO, she now oversees the credit, accounting, purchasing and human resources functions of the Group.

The Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Adrian M. Antiporda, oversees the following critical units: Sales Dept., Order Fulfillment Dept. and Milestone Logistics Corporation. Prior to taking his current post, he managed a wide variety of businesses including two high-end restaurants and a car exchange business. He has largely been responsible for upgrading the customer acquisition, account management, customer service, and logistics processes of the Group.

Executive Committee. From left to right: Tirso Antiporda, Rosalina Bustamante, Realyza Tuazon and Adrian Antiporda.


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