shell corporationThe Milestone Group (MG) had its start in the petroleum business in 2001 when Milestone Holdings Corporation (MHC), its investment arm, launched a commercial fuel marketing venture as a distributor of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. Soon after the start of the venture, MG management decided to organize a subsidiary where the fuel distribution business is to be conducted because MHC was always intended to be purely an investment company. Thus, Milestone Petroleum Marketing Corporation (MPMC) was organized in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of MHC. Thereafter, all sales of petroleum products were conducted under MPMC.

In 2010, the Group organized Milestone Logistics Corporation (MLC) to be the main fuel hauler for its affiliate, MPMC.  MLC has since expanded its operations to include hauling fuel for other petroleum distributors as well as the transport of a wider variety of cargos in addition to petroleum products.

The Milestone Group is led by outstanding professionals with unblemished track records in business. The shares of stock of MHC is broadly distributed among the key members of the firm's management team. The Milestone Group is therefore essentially owned by its professional management team.

Shell FuelSave Diesel Designed to help save fuel.
Aug 07, 2014

Shell has developed Shell FuelSave Diesel to help transport companies save fuel, help their engines operate more efficiently and help lower their fleet's fuel related carbon footprint.

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Shell Fuel Oil Plus, the super bunker fuel
Jan 31, 2012

In 2011, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation introduced Shell Fuel Oil Plus to the Philippine market. Shell Fuel Oil Plus is vastly superior to regular fuel oil as it gives businesses the benefits of lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance cost among many other advantages.

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