The conduct of the company’s business is guided by a set of beliefs that are strongly held by its top management and entire employee force. These core values are:

1. Dedication to the Customer – We believe that the customer is the reason for our exis-tence. We cannot be successful unless we deliver high quality service to our customers. Al-though the stockholders gave birth to the enterprise, it is its customers that will make the company flourish.

2. Pursuit of Excellence – Each of us will do our tasks in the best possible way. We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing very well. Mediocre quality work is simply not acceptable in our firm.

3. Honesty, Integrity and Fairness – We will treat the company, our customers and each other honestly, fairly and with the highest level of integrity.

4. Congruence between Personal and Corporate Goals – We are all in this enterprise together. We accept that the financial future of the company and the well-being of its people are closely intertwined. If the company does well, it will share the benefits of such success with its people. However, if the company suffers reverses, we also expect our people to be equally willing to sacrifice with the company.

5. Belief in Teamwork – We are a team. Our people are interdependent. We will produce our best results if we cooperate and work as a team.

6. Belief in Innovation – We believe that major breakthroughs can be achieved only through change. In fact, we will welcome change. We will deliberately seek new and better ways of doing.


Shell FuelSave Diesel Designed to help save fuel.
Aug 07, 2014

Shell has developed Shell FuelSave Diesel to help transport companies save fuel, help their engines operate more efficiently and help lower their fleet's fuel related carbon footprint.

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Shell Fuel Oil Plus, the super bunker fuel
Jan 31, 2012

In 2011, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation introduced Shell Fuel Oil Plus to the Philippine market. Shell Fuel Oil Plus is vastly superior to regular fuel oil as it gives businesses the benefits of lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance cost among many other advantages.

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