Milestone Petroleum Marketing Corporation is a prime distributor of fuels, lubricants and engine treatment products to the Philippine commercial-industrial sector. Its product line includes regular fuel oil (bunker fuel), diesel fuel, kerosene, special fuel oils (SFO), a full range of industrial lubricants and X1R Engine Treatment.

Milestone Petroleum is an authorized distributor of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (Shell) for its fuel and lubricant products. It is also an authorized industrial sales dealer of X1R Engine Treatment and other X1R products (manufactured in Florida, USA).

The company is led by outstanding professionals with an unblemished track record in business. The company prides itself on its commitment to high-quality customer service; timely and secure product delivery; competitive pricing; and, the stringent protection of product integrity and quality.

Milestone Holdings Corporation, Milestone Petroleum's parent company, started the business of marketing bunker fuel (regular fuel oil), diesel fuel, kerosene, special fuel oils and other petroleum products as a distributor of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation in 2001. Soon after the start of the petroleum distribution venture, the management of Milestone Holdings decided to organize a subsidiary company where the trading business is to be conducted because Milestone Holdings was intended to be purely an investment company.

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Real time price of crude oil in world
markets in US$ per barrel


Medium Term Forecast of Oil Prices
May 18, 2010

The cost of imported crude oil is the single most important determinant of the price of gasoline, diesel, bunker fuel, kerosene and other fuels. For that reason, it is useful for companies to know the likely direction of crude oil prices in the world markets to anticipate its impact on operating expenses. World crude oil prices have softened in the past two weeks dropping to as low as US$70 per barrel on May 17, 2010 after going as high as US$86 a barrel in mid-April. Is this the beginning of more benign prices for fuels and other petroleum products in the medium term?

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